Watch out for Wildlife!

Watch out for Wildlife!

It was 78 degrees and sunny when we left Lodi, but when we landed in Wyoming there was snow on the ground and it was 35 degrees during the day with a wind chill that brought the temperature down to 20 at night!

Why Wyoming? With a population of 493,000 (think the population of Sacramento) it may seem crazy to spend time selling wine in one of the least populated states, but think otherwise. With oil and natural gas production, farming and ranching, there are many laidback locals looking for nice wine.

And let’s not forget tourism! Wyoming has almost 10 million acres of forested land! The state’s natural beauty keeps tourism and recreation alive in both the summer and winter. With tourists visiting National Parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton in the Northwest, to Devil Tower National Monument in the Northeast, the peak season of summer keeps restaurants and stores busy. When December rolls around, the winter attractions like Jackson Hole Ski Resort are full of activity.

This is why we are in Wyoming – a natural playground for the adventurous. The locals are open and friendly and the restaurants are great. A few we visited this trip to Jackson:

The Wort Hotel – The most historic hotel serves yummy Buffalo Burgers
Rendezvous Bistro – The Tuna Tartar was a great start, and the huge Pork Chop was amazing!
Snake River Grill – The Baja Fish Tacos were a perfect along with the Salsa Verde Chicken
Sweetwater Restaurant – A great lunch stop with killer Ahi Tuna Steak burgers

Along with visiting nice restaurants, the trade show with Southern Wine and Spirits at The Rustic Inn was a great time. We introduced the new vintage with the new label, and guests not only enjoyed the wine, but there were also compliments on the new label. That’s a good feeling! We are hopeful the new introductions we made will open doors into additional restaurants and stores that find that our family wines are a perfect fit for them.

After all is said and done, Wyoming is a great place for a sales trip. It may not be 30 restaurant visits within 3 days, but we are making friends with many of the locals – and that is what counts… not to mention seeing the wildlife and Tetons!